Po.et (POE) – Here's Why This Altcoin Is Just Getting StartedGlobalCoinReportLike poetry, the current news coming out about Po.et (POE), a small but sturdy leader in the content-licensing space that sky-rocketed over the last 24 hours, is music to the ears of it's hodl'ing believers and newest investors alike. The altcoin shot ... ... read more

The cryptocurrency market is showing early signs of possible recovery, with Ripple and Stellar performing best among the top 10 currencies. ... read more

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AntPool adds support for the siacoin token, as the mining pool's parent firm, Bitmain, launches a device that can mine it. ... read more

China would be well-served to study unintended consequences before making drastic changes to the marketplace ... read more

A recent study (PDF) from the Foundation for Defense of Democracies’ Center on Sanctions and Illicit Finance and blockchain analytics company Elliptic explored the “bitcoin laundering” ecosystem. In the study, Elliptic’s forensic analysis of the Bitcoin blockchain and other publicly available data were used to track the flows of illicit funds from 2013 to 2016.“This study aimed to identify where individuals turn in order to cash out or transmit bitcoins (BTC) acquired from illicit entities and to discover typologies for criminals ‘laundering’ bitcoins,” the report says.The study describes b ... read more

Who are the biggest gold bugs in the world? No, it’s not Robert Kiyosaki, who thinks gold and Bitcoin will be the de facto currencies by the year 2040, nor is it John Paulson or other hedge funds. According to an HSBC, major sovereigns Turkey, Russia and Kazakhstan are the gold bugs du jour. hamiltonleen [...] ... read more

For three weeks Overstock mixed up Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash payments via their Coinbase integration, accidentally opening up the potential for customers to profit, independent researcher reports. #BRIEF ... read more