JPMorgan Chase has partnered with National Bank of Canada and others to trial a blockchain platform aimed to improve the debt issuance process. ... read more

CryptoNewsReviewRumours say Binance will allow altcoin purchases in US dollarsCryptoNewsReviewA couple of news sites are reporting that the world's biggest-by-volume crypto trading site will soon pair altcoins to dollars for traders, but nothing appears to have been formally announced. Several sites yesterday began reporting that Binance would ... ... read more

Recent data from VeneBloc‏ ‏pointed out that Venezuelans’ Bitcoin trading volume has ‎jumped to the equivalent of $1.009 million in bolivars on April 17. There seems to be ‎ever-increasing excitement about the cryptocurrency in Venezuela amid growing ‎economic chaos, and the highest inflation rate in the world.‎ ‎Individuals and businesses are swapping bolivars ‎for cryptocurrencies […]Post source: Venezuelans See Bitcoin Alternative to Devalued Bolivar, Volumes Hit Record HighMore Bitcoin News and Cryptocurrency News on TheBitcoinNe ... read more

The cloud computing giant's offering comes just as Digital Asset, another enterprise blockchain firm, announces a developer kit for smart contracts. ... read more

DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) might just be one of the most revolutionary concepts to come out of the blockchain world. DAOs are organizations in which contracts and agreements are enforced through blockchain smart contracts. Because no overseeing force is needed to authorize a smart contract, (just as no overseeing force is needed to authorize a Bitcoin transaction) DAOs have radical potential to create distributed and decentralized organizations. If DAOs are going to fulfill that potential,Read MoreThe post DAOstack – The ‘WordPress’ for DAOs appeared first ... read more

Since Square, Inc. added Bitcoin trading capabilities to its payment app, the value of its stocks has increased spectacularly. Dan Dolev, an analyst at Nomura Instinet, believes this ascending trajectory will most likely continue. As a result, Nomura Instinet raised its Square target price to $65 USD. Bitcoin Makes Square Profitable Dan Dolev predicts a “sizable boost” to Square’s revenues and profits in the first quarter, thanks to Square having added Bitcoin trading features onRead MoreThe post Bitcoin Boosting Square Earnings appeared first on Bitcoinist.com. ... read more

China-based cloud network provider Xunlei has launched a blockchain platform, undeterred by ongoing allegations it held an unlawful ICO. ... read more

Arthur Breitman, co-founder of cryptocurrency project Tezos, has been barred by FINRA from any association with broker-dealers for two years. ... read more