A second Chinese public firm in a week is being questioned by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange over the authenticity of its healthcare blockchain claims. ... read more

Following Facebook’s lead, Google has announced it will ban all cryptocurrency advertising on its platforms by June 2018. This restriction applies to all Google-owned platforms including YouTube and any websites where Google sells digital ad space. On Sunday, March 18, 2018, Sky News reported Twitter will ban a range of cryptocurrency advertising by April 2018, including advertising for initial coin offerings, cryptocurrency wallets and some cryptocurrency exchanges. Twitter has not publicly communicated the ban nor has it denied the report.As Matthew Frankel with the ... read more

While Ripple is “not a bad investment” right now, major challenges exist when it comes to long-term prospects for its bank-oriented digital token (XRP), according to Weiss Ratings. 2 Dilemmas for Ripple’s XRP Token… Independent ratings agency Weiss Ratings began listing cryptocurrency grades since January of this year. While Bitcoin’s relatively low grade of a C+ (recently upgraded to a B-) received most of the attention, the agency also graded many other cryptocurrencies, helping investorsRead MoreThe post 3 Big Problems Ripple Investors Can No Longer Ignore appeared first on Bitcoinist.com. ... read more

FX EmpireAlt Coins Price Forecast March 21, 2018, Technical AnalysisFX EmpireThe alt coins had a mixed session on Tuesday, as we continue to see crypto currencies trying to build up momentum to break out to the upside. While we have not done that yet, it certainly looks as if we are trying to build up the proper momentum ... ... read more

Bitcoin's three-day winning streak is encouraging for the bulls, but a quick move above $10,500 is needed to neutralize the so-called "death cross." ... read more

The post TREZOR T Model Review: Is It Worth the Price Tag? appeared first on 99 Bitcoins.I love reviewing hardware wallets—it’s kind of a hobby of mine. Today I have the privilege of reviewing the latest addition, the TREZOR T model. This new device became available for preorder a few months ago, and it’s recently shipped out its first batch. As an avid TREZOR fan, I jumped at the opportunity to take [...] ... read more

In December 2017, High Fidelity announced the launch of Avatar Island, a Virtual Reality (VR) space where High Fidelity users can purchase items for their avatars, all contributed by digital artists from around the world, and pay with High Fidelity’s own blockchain-based cryptocurrency, the High Fidelity Coin(HFC).High Fidelity is a next-generation platform for Virtual Reality (VR) worlds developed by Philip Rosedale, the creator of the once very popular Second Life. Despite a very promising start, Rosedale’s previous creation never achieved mass popularity. But perhap ... read more

The U.S. National Security Agency is reportedly aiming to track down users behind the bitcoin blockchain. ... read more