Bank of America and Microsoft have announced their intent to build and test blockchain applications for trade finance. Source ... read more

The London police are investigating a digital currency scheme widely believed to be fraudulent.Source ... read more

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Siacoin is a new prominent cryptocurrency, used by the Sia network – an actively developed decentralized storage platform. Sia represents a peer-to-peer network that consists of many individual hard disk drives, connected to the united global network. The network is fully decentralized, and cryptographically secured. Unlike centralized cloud storage platforms, Sia allows users to store […]The post HitBTC cryptocurrency exchange adds support for Siacoin appeared first on Bitcoinist.net. ... read more

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A syndicated loan exchange trial utilizing blockchain being undertaken by a group of banks alongside startups R3 and Symbiont is moving ahead.Source ... read more

CLS is working with IBM to build a blockchain platform for payments netting.Source ... read more

BigchainDB has raised $3m to help turn tradition databases into blockchains.Source ... read more