The price of ether hit its lowest point in one month on Monday, falling to $275 despite strong gains observed elsewhere in the cryptocurrency market. ... read more

Unikrn, an e-sports betting site, has raised roughly $31 million in an initial coin offering, or ICO. ... read more

Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is due to fork from Bitcoin on block 491407 and all holders of Bitcoin can be credited an equal amount of BTG to their BTC. The new coin is being launched as a response to ASIC dominance. Bitcoin Gold is the latest Bitcoin fork with the split occurring on Bitcoin block 491407. The coin is seen by the developers as a response to the ASIC driven monopoly of the main Bitcoin chain.Read MoreThe post What You Need to Know About the Bitcoin Gold Fork appeared first on Bitcoinist.com. ... read more

While both mining via Proof of Work(POW) and staking are two of the most popular ways to perform work to earnincome, cryptocurrencies are also susceptible to advances in computing, whichcould undercut the value of the coins by making them much easier and lessexpensive to mine. The dawn of quantumcomputers is upon us. And while this causes many to fear the loss of incomepotential, the truth is that an increase in difficulty to mine or stake isfactored into the underlying algorithms in blockchain systems which haveadjusted accordingly from central processing units to graphics processing units ... read more

The price of Stellar’s lumen cryptocurrency is fast fading. After rising to $0.05 last week, the value of the native token that runs the Stellar protocol is down 36 percent from that recent high today. At press time, the stellar-US dollar (XLM/USD) exchange rate is $0.033. Week-on-week, XLM is down 8.33 percent, while on a monthly basis, it is up […]The post Upside Ahead? Stellar Rally Fizzles as Lumen Losses Luster appeared first on The Bitcoin News - Leading Bitcoin and Crypto News since 2012. ... read more

CoinTelegraphBitcoin Price Lingers Below $6k As Post-Fork Altcoin Rally ExpectedCoinTelegraphBitcoin prices were back below $6,000 Monday amid talk of an imminent altcoin rally to shelve protracted losses. Bitcoin's honeymoon above the latest significant barrier remained chequered over the weekend as momentum appeared to cool. After recrossing ... ... read more

The financial situation in Zimbabwe is no joke these days. Without an official national currency, the entire region relies on the US Dollar. This also opens up new opportunities for other forms of money, including Bitcoin. While one BTC is valued at almost twice the marketplace, this is not due to speculation. Instead, businesses have... View Article ... read more

Coin.mx operator Yuri Lebedev has been sentenced to 16 months in prison, according to a new report. ... read more