Blockchain insurance consortium B3i announced Monday it would use R3's Corda platform to develop its products. ... read more

The Department of Homeland Security has awarded a grant to blockchain project Factom for live testing a platform for securing camera and sensor data. ... read more

Many of those invested and interested in the cryptocurrency markets were around for the rise and fall of the Dot-com era and birth of the widespread public internet. The Dot-com bubble burst is constantly being used in arguments that cryptocurrency will suffer the same fate, bringing the markets to a crashing close. Are we early to the party, or just in line for disappointment? Boom And Bust It is safe to say that anyone who hasRead MoreThe post Investing In Cryptocurrency Likened To Investing In The Internet 10 Years Ago appeared first on Bitcoinist.com. ... read more

Just recently news.Bitcoin.com reported on the unique Electron Cash wallet alongside using the Cashshuffle plugin. Two weeks ago we were granted access to the Electron Cash iOS beta testing period, and we wanted to give our readers a sneak peek at what to expect when this bitcoin cash-centric light client launches. Also Read: How to Shuffle […]Post source: An Inside Look at the Electron Cash Wallet Coming to iOSMore Bitcoin News and Cryptocurrency News on TheBitcoinNews.com ... read more

Nvidia is supporting a blockchain startup as part of its Inception Program, which seeks to support artificial intelligence development. ... read more

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If you’ve bought into EOS with an intention to be a long-term HODLer without having to do anything with the tokens, you might want to reconsider. According to the project’s Constitution, if your account is inactive for 3 years, it may be put up for auction. A closer look EOS’ highest law can certainly make you raise an eyebrow. EOS, the project which raised $4 billion in a year-long Initial Coin Offering (ICO), has putRead MoreThe post EOS Tokens Not For Passive HODLers appeared first on Bitcoinist.com. ... read more

The Walton Blockchain Institute signed a partnership agreement with the Korean Standards Association (KSA) on June 11 to promote top-notch research and development in the field of blockchain technology and implementation. The move is the latest in South Korea’s continued efforts to be a leader in the integration of blockchain technology in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Beast Of The East Radio frequency identification (RFID) and Internet Of Thing (IoT) supply chain management company Waltonchain announcedRead MoreThe post Waltonchain Partners with Korean Standards Association on ... read more