Monero Continues Upswing With Kraken's Launch of XMR TradingBitcoin MagazineAs opposed to many altcoins, Monero is not based on Bitcoin's codebase but instead on the CryptoNote reference implementation, an altcoin that was itself designed from scratch. The altcoin was created by the pseudonymous developer “thankful for today,” ... ... read more

IBM and Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Develop Blockchain-Powered Contract Management SystemBitcoin Magazine... If A Majority Of Miners Decide To Implement A New Method For Increasing Bitcoin's Current Block Size Limit. Whether Bitcoin Unlimited Would Initiate A Bitcoin Hard Fork Or Effectively Constitute The Creation Of An Altcoin Depends On What People . ... read more

Nigeria TodayMarkets Update: Cryptocurrency Prices Begin ReboundingNigeria TodayIn the altcoin world, many of the top cryptocurrencies have also been finding new bottoms and bouncing back to new positions as well. The second highest token by capitalization Ethereum is currently up 3.2 percent with a price of $9.70 per Ether ...and more » ... read more

Monero Price Analysis - Back Above US$11.5 Due To BTC Price IncreaseLive Bitcoin NewsThe recent Bitcoin price uptrend is causing the altcoins to enjoy some positive momentum as well. With Monero's Bitcoin value holding steady for several days now, the only change can come based on the Bitcoin price itself. Over the past 24 hours, that ... ... read more

As User Base Grows, Decentralized Bitcoin Exchange Bitsquare to RebrandNasdaqLaunched last year , Bitsquare is the first decentralized bitcoin and altcoin exchange of its kind. Instead of trading bitcoin through a central intermediary as a typical exchange would, Bitsquare users connect through a peer-to-peer protocol and ...and more » ... read more

Live Bitcoin NewsMonero Price Analysis - Downward USD Trend IntensifiesLive Bitcoin NewsGiven the current volatility in the Bitcoin market, is not entirely surprising to see things fall apart for altcoins. Monero is holding its own rather well, even though the market cap continues to shrink. As of right now, XMR has a market cap of just ... ... read more

Bitcoin MagazineAs User Base Grows, Decentralized Bitcoin Exchange Bitsquare to RebrandBitcoin MagazineThe decentralized bitcoin and altcoin exchange Bitsquare has decided that it must rebrand or face a costly legal battle. Launched last year, Bitsquare is the first decentralized bitcoin and altcoin exchange of its kind. Instead of trading bitcoin ...and more » ... read more

CoinTelegraphLightning Strikes More Than Once: Alpha Release AvailableCoinTelegraphThe other potential for Lightning and more work will be required will be to equalize the exchange of tokens as Altcoins between chains, also known as BlockTrading and ChainTrading. In a sense, Lightning could diminish Bitcoins value, but with thousands ...and more » ... read more