Ethereum World News (blog)Altcoins Party as SegWit2X Called OffCryptovestAnd while the buying spree for altcoins hovering near their lows continues, Bitcoin is facing pressures. Buying on one side continues, while others sell, not expecting the free coins anymore. BTC trading volumes are now above $4.5 billion, and this ...Altcoins Up As Bitcoin Forks OffEthereum World News (blog)Bitcoin Price Achieves New All-Time High at $7800, as SegWit2x is CanceledCryptoCoinsNewsStrong Case For $8000 Bitcoin Price in 2017, No SegWit2x and CME FuturesnewsBTCStreetwise Reports -Coin Idol (press release) -Fortune -Mailing Listsall 141 news articles » read whole article

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