Votem will enable a trusted, verifiable mobile voting platform for both public and private elections. 21 February 2018 CLEVELAND, OHIO USA – Votem, the blockchain-based voting platform, has announced it will open the public presale of Simple Agreements for Future Tokens (SAFT) for its VAST Tokens on February 27, 2018. This event will be followed by a public sale later in the year helping to support the ongoing development of the VAST token with governmentsRead MoreThe post Votem Announces the VAST Token, Providing Secure End-to-End Voting appeared first on Bitcoinist.com. ... read more

Ripple, the startup behind the world's third-largest cryptocurrency, has released two white papers that it hopes will move the technology forward. ... read more

The Arizona House of Representatives passed a bill protecting blockchain node operators from local restrictions. ... read more

Russia may not be known as a defender of democracy, but the capital city of Moscow is using an ethereum-based voting platform to change that. ... read more

Looking forward to 2018, several new pieces of legislation will be voted on or come into effect that will – for better or worse – reshape how ICOs, cryptocurrencies, and their investors function. Whether these laws target cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings directly doesn’t change the fact that they will have a significant impact on the industry globally. [Note: This is a guest article by Zarah Tinholt and Matthew Unger] The past year was aRead MoreThe post A Look Ahead at Crypto-Compliance & Regulation in 2018 appeared first on Bitcoinist.com. ... read more

New blockchains are born all the time. Bitcoin was the lone blockchain for years, but now there are hundreds. The problem is, if you want to use the features offered on another blockchain, you have to buy the tokens for that other blockchain.But all that may soon change. One developing technology called sidechains promises to make it easier to move tokens across blockchains and, as a result, open the doors to a world of possibilities, including building bridges to the legacy financial systems of banks.In October 2017, Aggelos Kiayias, professor at the University of Edinburgh and chief scien ... read more

Bitcoin bulls remain in control, despite a sell-off overnight, and thus look set to test the long-term inflection point over $12,000. ... read more

Over the past few years, we have witnessed an increasing adoption of data science to improve the accuracy of our predictions. The result has been astounding and has completely revolutionized organizations across a huge range of industries. In particular, it has had a great impact on the investment industry. We’ve now reached the point where has become so fierce that simply doing some research and ‘trusting your gut’ simply won’t cut it anymore. If youRead MoreThe post How Machine Learning Could Reinvent the Way We Invest in Cryptocurrencies appeared first on Bitcoinist.com. ... read more