Prime Trust, a Nevada trust company, says it can handle custody for bitcoin, ether and any token issued on ethereum under the ERC-20 standard. ... read more

Lu Qi, the head of Y Combinator's new China division, believes blockchain has great potential for entrepreneurship in the long run. ... read more

Over the weekend, information surfaced that could suggest that mining giant Bitmain may be facing an uphill battle as it looks to launch an IPO on the Hong Kong stock exchange.Newly leaked public information reveals that, in its pre-IPO presentation to investors, Bitmain provided insight into its cryptocurrency holdings, which shows that Bitmain unloaded most of its bitcoin (BTC) to accumulate bitcoin cash (BCH) in its stead. In a snapshot of a slide from the original presentation, the leftmost column titled “Digital quantity of money” shows Bitmain’s bitcoin supply de ... read more

Venezuela is set to begin using its "petro" cryptocurrency as an official accounting unit, according to the country's president. ... read more

Cybercriminals earned more than $2.3 million from cryptocurrency scams during the second quarter of 2018, a new study reports. ... read more

Blockchain money transfer company Wyre has announced a partnership with MakerDAO, creator of the Dai stablecoin, to offer Dai as part of a fiat-crypto trading pair in more than 30 countries across the world including the U.S.Under the new framework, Wyre's regulated money transfer infrastructure will be used to facilitate the instantaneous movement of “fiat currency directly into and out of Dai,” thereby removing the unpredictability of “speculative cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin” and benefiting from the speed and security of the blockchain, a press release ... read more

Playboy is suing Canadian blockchain company Global Blockchain Technologies (GBT) for fraud and breach of contract. ... read more

A private version of the crypto protocol lightning network is headed to zcash, with the potential it could be added for other blockchains soon. ... read more