These past two months have been a crazy ride for the Bitcoin community. As the cryptocurrency’s value continues to increase, the number of people trading Bitcoin and the frequency of such trades have drastically gone up. The sudden influx of traffic has caught many exchanges and trading platforms off guard, leading to outages and disruption... View Article ... read more

In the movies, or on TV, it usually happens like this: A process server posing as a clumsy bike messenger slaps someone with a subpoena as he or she walks out of a deli. But it didn’t happen that way in 2004, when I found myself in the middle of another special counsel investigation that [...]Visit Trump, Russia and the Whiff of Justice on . ... read more

Amazon, May 26, 2017: Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has promised to donate $1 million to support press freedom, the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press announced Tuesday. “This generous gift will help us continue to grow, to offer our legal and educational support to many more news organizations, and to expand our services to [...]Visit Amazon founder Jeff Bezos supports Press Freedom and donates $1 million for the purpose on . ... read more

There are quite a few trading platforms for Bitcoin these days. One of the most-respected platforms goes by the name of 1Broker. This platform has made quite a name for itself among speculators and professional traders these past few years. However, the company also faces some criticism lately. The price variances are causing a lot... View Article ... read more

Britain’s foreign policy and intervention in wars abroad had fuelled the threat of “terrorism” at home, the leader of the UK’s main opposition party said on Friday, as a political truce after a Manchester suicide attack came to an end. Less than two weeks before a general election, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn also vowed to [...]Visit Corbyn: We have to admit ‘war on terror’ is not working on . ... read more

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Donald Trump’s presidency has been clouded in controversy from its very inception, with multiple federal investigations into his campaign’s ties to Russia looming over the White House before he even assumed the Oval Office. Now, it appears his odds of impeachment are growing not even six months into his tenure as commander-in-chief. The Economist Intelligence [...]Visit Experts Upgrade Donald Trump’s Impeachment Odds on . ... read more