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  2. CSV Soft Fork has activated as of block 419328! Beginning with this block, checksequenceverify (BIPs 68, 112, 113) will be enforced. Blocks from miners who disregard the update will be rejected by the network. This is the first soft fork to use BIP9's update mechanism! THIS IS GENTLEMEN!
  3. CSV soft fork (BIP 68,112 & 113) activated on block #419328
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  6. Is it really Classic forcing a hard fork? If there is overwhelming support for a simple 2mb block increase... Then aren't the core Devs forcing the hard fork by being stubborn and refusing to implement the change themselves?
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  8. CSV soft fork crosses 99% in last 24 hours, 97% in two days, and 95% so far...
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  10. Bitcoin Improvement Proposal: Hard Fork to Return Seized Silk Road BTC to Ross Ulbricht ["Anyone who opposes this, doesn’t know about it, or simply forgets to update their software, can excise themselves from the network. Thus, hard forks are the most democratic means of consensus on earth today."]