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  1. Is it really Classic forcing a hard fork? If there is overwhelming support for a simple 2mb block increase... Then aren't the core Devs forcing the hard fork by being stubborn and refusing to implement the change themselves?
  2. BTCC: It would be much better to have the support of Core, but if Core doesn't include a blocksize increase soon in the master branch, we may be willing to start running a fork.
  3. Ryan Selkis on Twitter: Probably time to admit that @adam3us @blockstream & Bitcoin Core devs were inconvenient champions to hold the line on the classic hard fork.
  4. Bitcoin Core version 0.11.2 released, bringing the BIP65 soft fork and more.
  5. With BitPay preparing to release its own fork of Bitcoin Core soon, will discussion about it be permitted here?
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  7. PSA: Please upgrade to Bitcoin Core 0.11.2 to support OP_HODL (CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY)
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  10. Can a core dev explain again what's the problem with 2mb + seg wit ?