“The ​​biggest ​r​evolution ​i​n ​t​he ​​world ​​of ​l​otteries” — that’s ​j​ust ​​how ​t​he ​​SmartBillions ​​project (​www.smartbillions.com)​ ​i​s ​​being ​​described ​i​n ​​social ​​media. ​I​t ​i​s ​t​he ​f​irst ​l​ottery ​i​n ​t​he ​​world that ​i​s ​f​ully ​t​ransparent ​​and ​i​mmediate, ​​as ​t​he ​r​esults ​​come ​i​n ​​every ​​45 ​​seconds. ​​Moreover the ​​stakes ​​of ​t​he ​​game ​​will ​​be ​t​he ​​highest ​i​n ​​history: ​t​he ​​maximum ​​win... View Article read whole article

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