On Thursday, June 28, SlowMist — a private Chinese cybersecurity firm — divulged a potential double-spend in the use of Tether (USDT).  The company’s initial tweet, published in Mandarin Chinese, presented a USDT transaction that had been sent to an unnamed exchange with incorrect field values. This, in effect, allows people to be credited for tokens on the exchange that they haven’t actually sent — otherwise known as a double-spend. 交易所在进行USDT充值交易确认是否成功时存在逻辑缺陷,未校验区块链上交易详情中valid字段值是否为true,导致“假充值”,用户未损失任何USDT却成功向交易所充值了USDT,而且这些 USDT 可以正常进行交易。我们已经确认真实攻击发生!相关交易所应尽快暂停USDT充值功能,并自查代码是否存在该逻辑缺陷。 pic.twitter.com/EPzZIsZFzH —
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