India’s Supreme Court has refused to extend a grace period allowing cryptocurrency entities to keep banking services beyond this week’s deadline set by the central bank. Exchanges Go P2P According to various media outlets, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will now succeed in implementing its ban on cryptocurrency business support on July 5. Exchanges and any other business dealing in cryptocurrency will no longer have access to banking services under the ban, meaning tradersRead MoreThe post India Bitcoin Bank Ban in Effect July 5 After Supreme Court Decision appeared first on Bitcoinist.com. ... read more

Blockstream has revealed details of an asset trading upgrade to its Liquid sidechain, which could effectively provide an alternative to many altcoins. Tokenize Anything With Sidechains In an explainer July 2, Blockstream explained how its Issued Assets (IA) feature will allow users to create their own token asset on Liquid. A sidechain for Bitcoin, Liquid already facilitates near-instant transfers, funds pegged to the Bitcoin blockchain. With IA, those transactions can now be for practically anything.Read MoreThe post Blockstream Sidechain-Issued Assets Could Make Altcoins Obsolete appeared f ... read more

Bitcoin core developer Matt Corallo has launched a mining pool which aims to increase decentralization as Bitcoin mining becomes increasingly monopolized. Corallo: Miners ‘Have No Control’ Beginning June 25 but still with what Corallo describes as “vulnerabilities,” the pool uses BetterHash, a protocol which seeks to offer mining pool users the option to use their own block templates rather than those prescribed by pool owners. The setup differs from major Bitcoin mining pools such asRead MoreThe post ‘Miners Are Miners Again’: Bitcoin Core Dev Launches Alternative Min ... read more

While everyone currently in the cryptocurrency space eagerly awaits the supposedly inevitable flood of institutional money, questions have been asked as to where said funds will go. Element Group’s Thejas Nalval claims Bitcoin is “number one on that list.” The cryptocurrency market is currently supersaturated with failed and soon-to-be-failed projects. Nevertheless, the cream rises to the top and there are currently numerous contenders for the top spots. So where will institutional investors put their funds, if andRead MoreThe post Bitcoin is ‘Number One’ for Ins ... read more

A recent internet security report from an independent cybersecurity firm has highlighted the growing threat of crypto-mining malware. Its findings highlight that in the first quarter of 2018 almost all common Linux downloader malware variants recorded were designed to deliver a cryptocurrency miner on Linux devices. Malicious Cryptocurrency Mining on the Rise According to the latest report from WatchGuard Technologies, the threat of malicious cryptocurrency miners is increasing and may emerge as a leading form of malware attackRead MoreThe post New Cybersecurity Report Notes Rising Cases of C ... read more

When it’s time to blow some of your crypto-profits on a new toy, the possibilities are seemingly endless. But for those more interested in old toys the choice has perhaps been a bit more limited. Until now that is. Ford Mustang rebuilder Classic Recreations has started accepting payments in cryptocurrency. (War Of) The World(s) The company, based in Oklahoma, claims to be the first custom car builder to accept cryptocurrency as payment. And this isn’t justRead MoreThe post Classic Cars for Cryptocurrency – Mustang Madness appeared first on Bitcoinist.com. ... read more

The Pirate Bay (TPB) has resumed its cryptojacking activities. The P2P file-sharing platform launched another browser script that hijacks unused CPU power of site users to mine cryptocurrency. TPB launched a similar browser script in September 2017 but discontinued it after vociferous protests from site users. TPB is Running the Crypto Loot Web Miner According to reports, the platform is running the web miner script called crypto loot. In a post on the TPB forumRead MoreThe post The Pirate Bay Resumes Cryptojacking But Should it Even be an Issue? appeared first on Bitcoinist.com. ... read more

Bitcoin has recovered nearly 13% after scraping its knees on a new 2018 low, but is the current uptick in momentum just a relief rally or the makings of a bullish reversal? Market Overview After scraping the bottom of the barrel last week, Bitcoin appears to have mustered enough short-term momentum to attempt a bull reversal but, at the time of this writing, this is yet to be determined. The general outlook for Bitcoin remainsRead MoreThe post Bitcoin Price Analysis: Is this a Relief Rally or a Bullish Reversal? appeared first on Bitcoinist.com. ... read more