There are over 600 million Africans livingwithout electricity despite an abundance of sunshine and hundreds of thousandsof solar projects on the drawing board. Now, Sun Exchange, a South Africa-based startup,has developed a solution to Africa’s solar electrification dilemma centered onthe intersection of three fast-growing technologies: blockchain, crowd-sourcingand solar photovoltaics. Sun Exchange has combined and synergized thesetechnologies seamlessly on its online platform, enabling peoplearound the world to purchase solar panels that are then leased into projects ... read more

As arapidly growing business sector, e-commerce continues to open up new avenuesfor exploring, comparing and purchasing products worldwide. Spl.yt, a smartcontract protocol, aims improve the e-commerce system for buyers and sellers byautomating functions currently performed by “middlemen” marketplaces likeAmazon, eBay and Alibaba.Such popular online platforms have no doubt transformed the way in which we shop andlive. Access, convenience, low prices and the availability of a large selectionof products are among the many benefits these platforms deliver to consumers.But ... read more

As the crypto market continues to meld into the realm of traditional finance, the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute is taking notice — so much so that the organization is adding cryptocurrency and blockchain sections to its 2019 certification exams.The additions will be included in the institute’s Level I and II curricula, and the material will be a subsection in a seminal, wider-reaching subject area entitled Fintech in Investment Management. Within this new subject area, CFA students will be able to explore cryptocurrency finance alongside other burgenoing ... read more

As the cryptocurrency industry matures and public interest heightens, blockchain research and educational efforts have made their way into the halls of some of the world’s leading universities. Courses on cryptocurrency finance, blockchain development and related law are developing into serious avenues of study. They’re academia’s response to a formerly stigmatized space’s debut into mainstream culture, a formal and accredited extension to the work of innovators and leaders who propelled the space forward when it was still relatively underground.Complementing classroom ... read more

When it comes to cryptocurrency, it seems that there are always two sides of the (bit)coin.On the negative side, there’s everything that can go wrong. For example, the unpredictable value swings can cause coin holders, savvy and suckers alike, to suffer life-changing losses. An exchange can get hacked and attacked, allowing hard-won earnings to vanish into the coffers of criminals without a trace. The blockchain, in all its beauty, is gobbling up power as it grows, raising questions about its environmental impact as it drives decentralization. Podcast hosts and th ... read more

Going back to the early days of Bitcoin, we look at the contributions of Nick Szabo to smart contracts and Bit Gold. Decentralizing gets another boost by Augur in the predictions marketplace with the launch of their platform. Then we see a very real world example of cryptocurrency solving a real need in Venezuela to avoid their collapsing currency and allow people to buy the goods they need to survive. Finally, we see a conventional exchange, the CBOE, talking to the SEC about getting a bitcoin ETF license, which would be a real milestone in terms of bringing cryptocur ... read more

Bitcoin, in its nine years of existence, has steadily gained traction, defining itself as a new digital gold. Early adopters of this technology have shown excitement for the potential of this inflation-proof sound money. With steady increase in value over the years, this new invention of money has established its position in finance. The gold rush pushed by the price explosion reached its peak at the end of 2017. Halfway into this year, bitcoin has moved into a bear market. As the price plunged, followed by exchange hacks and speculators leaving the space, the rally qu ... read more

Nonprofit organization PoWx has launched this week with the goal of boosting the idea behind proof of work (PoW) through more innovative algorithms. The company is seeking to decentralize Bitcoin mining and make it more accessible to consumers through a new technology that executives have dubbed “optical PoW” — a new type of hardware that utilizes a more advanced and energy-efficient form of laser technology as the cornerstone of mining.Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining is usually off limits to those who cannot afford the expensive mining computers and equipment. In ad ... read more